Hotglue gun (black)
Hotglue gun (black)

Hotglue gun (black)

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The Protolectron hot glue gun can glue a large number of materials fast and firmly together.
This glue gun uses glue sticks that are melted and come out of the mouthpiece as a liquid hot glue.
The glue gun is very convenient for securing all kind of materials.
Isolating and/or securing loose wires and components (such as: housings, circuit boards, potentiometers and switches) is no problem for this glue gun.
Small parts intended for model construction, hobby or decorative use are also firmly fastened (eg cardboard, plastic, wood, textile or glass).
A hot glue gun is an absolute must for every hobbyist.
When duck tape and WD40 can't be used you know it's time to bring out the hot glue gun.
This glue gun has a power of 20 watts and is suitable for 7mm (6.8mm to 7.6mm) glue sticks.
Weight: approx. 150 grams

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