MT60 Connector Set (male + female)

MT60 Connector Set (male + female)

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The MT60 connectors are very useful to connect 3 channels, such as lipo batteries and battery packs.
Since these MT60 connectors have an additional channel in comparison to the XT60 connectors, data can also be transmitted in addition to voltage.
MT60 connectors, like XT60 connectors, are widely used for electronics that generate higher temperatures.
These connectors are often used in the RC hobby world for motors and battery packs, where an extra channel is also needed to read out data, for example.
Protected against incorrect polarity because the connectors only fit together in one way.

Technical Specifications:
  • Transition resistance: 0.45 milli Ohm
  • Cable diameter (max): 4.0 mm2 (AWG11)
  • Current load capacity: 60A (continuous)
  • Current load capacity: 100A (impulse)
  • Weight: approx. 10 grams
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