CNC Shield V4
CNC Shield V4
CNC Shield V4
CNC Shield V4
CNC Shield V4
CNC Shield V4

CNC Shield V4

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The CNC Shield v4 is made for the control of 3D printers, milling and engraving machines.
This version of the shield has 1 motor driver less than its predecessor, but is more compact and has room for an Arduino Nano.
This board has 3 sockets for the installation of stepper motor drivers such as the DRV8825.

Only 2 channels per motor / stepper motor are required to control this motor.

There is also a connection for 2 end stops / end switches per motor.

Technical specifications:
  • GRBL compatible: Yes
  • Number of steppers: max. 3 connections (XYZ)
  • Number of end stops: 2 per axle (6 total)
  • Spindle on / off mode: Yes
  • Spindle direction of choice: Yes (Left / Right)
  • Adjustable for Micro-Stepping: Yes (by means of jumpers - not included)
  • Voltage: 12-36V DC (The motor driver must be able to handle this, note this during installation)

Comes WITHOUT stepper drivers, Arduino Nano and cable!
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