Center Punch (Automatic)
Center Punch (Automatic)
Center Punch (Automatic)
Center Punch (Automatic)
Center Punch (Automatic)

Center Punch (Automatic)

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A center punch (also called point punch) is a steel pin with a hard sharp point that is ground at a 90 degree angle.
With a center punch you can easily make a small hole in different types of material (e.g. metal, plastic or wood).
You can then use this well as the starting point of your borehole.
Thanks to the well, the drill does not slip during drilling.
The depth of the well depends on the material you are working with.
This automatic center punch works with a spring mechanism, so you don't have to use a hammer.
The automatic center punch is infinitely adjustable and can be operated with one hand.
The center punch has a hardened point, so you can work very accurately.

Technical specifications

  • Length: 130mm
  • Hardened point: Yes
  • Material: Steel
  • Automatic Stroke: Yes
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