Protolectrons Arduino Starter Kit
Protolectrons Arduino Starter Kit
Protolectrons Arduino Starter Kit
Protolectrons Arduino Starter Kit

Protolectrons Arduino Starter Kit

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This package has ProtoLectron tailored for both the novice and the advanced user Arduino.
The ProtoLectron Arduino Starter retrieve a very complete package with which you can experiment to your heart, practice and if it is desired to create your own shields with.
This package is so extensive that, by the presence of the DC-DC boost converter, it is even possible to take your experiments / design along to any desired location.
Nowhere else will you find such a complete package for such a great price!

Package includes:
  • Dccduino UNO R3 (incl. USB cable) (1x)
    • This is the improved version of the Arduino UNO R3
  • Book: Getting Started with Arduino (Digital / PDF)
  • Alphanumeric LCD 16x2 (blue) with backlight (1x)
  • I2C serial interface TBV LCD16x2 (1x)
  • DC-DC step-up converter 0,9V - 5V to 5V (1x)
  • Battery Clip (2x)
  • Breadboard (1x)
  • Breadboard Jumpers 65 pieces (1x)
  • DC engine with (1x)
  • Diodes 1N4148 (10x)
  • Diodes 1N4007 (10x)
  • Press buttons (10x)
  • LED red (10x)
  • LED yellow (10x)
  • LED green (10x)
  • LED blue superbright (5x)
  • LED white superbright (5x)
  • LED RGB (10x)
  • Laser Module 650nm 5V (1x)
  • Header Male (right) 40 Pole (5x)
  • Male Header (square) 40 Pole (5x)
  • Header Female (right) 40 Pole (5x)
  • Print Terminal block two times (2x)
  • Print Terminal block three times (2x)
  • PCB prototyping board 5x7cm (2x)
  • MOSFET IRF840 (2x)
  • Steppermotor control board (1x)
  • Steppermotor (1x)
  • Optocoupler PC817 (10x)
  • Piezo element 27mm (1x)
  • Piezo Buzzer 11mm (1x)
  • Precision Trimmer Potentiometer 100 Ohm (5x)
  • Precision Trimmer Potentiometer 1K ohm (5x)
  • Precision Trimmer Potentiometer 10K ohms (5x)
  • Precision Trimmer Potentiometer 100K ohms (5x)
  • Precision Trimmer Potentiometer 1M ohm (5x)
  • Temperature and Humidity Sensor (1x)
  • hygrometer / waterlevel sensor (1x)
  • Vibration sensor (1x)
  • Photoresistor / LDR / light sensor (3x)
  • Transistor (NPN) BC547 (25x)
  • Transistor (PNP) BC557 (25x)
  • Huike relay (2x)
  • Voltage Regulator (5 volts) L7805 (1x)
  • Voltage Regulator (variable) LM317T (1x)
  • Zener Diode 3.3 Volt (5x)
  • Resistor 220 Ohm (25x)
  • Resistor 330 Ohm (25x)
  • Resistor 560 Ohm (25x)
  • Resistor 1K Ohm (25x)
  • Resistance 4K7 (25x)
  • Resistor 10K Ohm (25x)
  • 1M ohm resistor (25x)
  • 10M ohm resistor (25x)

This product does NOT fit through the mailbox.

In case you need the driver for this Arduino board, you can download it here.
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