Arduino Mega 2560 (Compatible)
Arduino Mega 2560 (Compatible)
Arduino Mega 2560 (Compatible)
Arduino Mega 2560 (Compatible)

Arduino Mega 2560 (Compatible)

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This board is 100% compatible with the Arduino Mega 2560.
The Arduino Mega 2560 is the latest version of the development board and the successor to Arduino UNO.
This board has the same clock speed as the Arduino Uno, but by the much larger memory and more than doubled number of I/Os a real powerhouse.
This board is frequently used, for example 3D printers.

The Arduino is very popular and is programmable built-in USB interface, very easy. With the Arduino development software you have your first program already running within minutes.

It concerns the 3rd revision (newest board).
Adjustments relative to its predecessor:
  • Atmega 16U2 replace 8U2.
  • Stronger RESET circuit.
  • SDA and SCL pins added to the AREF pin
  • 2 new pins to the RESET pin
    • The IOREF pin this could shields to adapt to the voltage from the board. In the future, shields compatible with both 5V and 3.3V versions. The 2nd pin is not connected and is reserved for future updates.

Technical Specifications:
  • Microcontroller: ATmega 2560
  • Operating voltage: 5V
  • Operating voltage (max): 20 Volts
  • Digital I/O Pins 54 (of which there are 15 possible provide PWM output)
  • Analog Input Pins: 16
  • DC amperage per I/O Pin 40 mA
  • DC amperage for 3.3V Pin 50 mA
  • Flash Memory: 256 KB
  • RAM: 8 KB
  • EEPROM: 4 KB
  • Clock Speed: 16 MHz

In case you need the driver for this Arduino board, you can download it here.
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